Thank you!


Congratulations on your choice to get fit and have fun!  Adventure Boot Camp begins soon!

Please complete payment for your camp.

4 Week Boot Camp:
3 Day/Week Monday-Friday:


Inner Circle Membership: (12-month commitment)
3 Day/Week Monday-Friday: 

$167 per month

Here are some important things to remember:

  • Please ALWAYS arrive on time
  • Unless otherwise instructed, bring your hand weights, a mat, and running shoes each day
  • If you MUST miss a day, let Raquel know before that day arrives
  • If you have an unusual ache or pain, tell Raquel immediately
  • Eat a SMALL meal before camp.
  • Avoid juice.
  • Wear layered clothing.  You will get warm very quickly.  A hat and gloves will be your best method of keeping warm for the first 15-20 minutes each day (during the cooler months). You’ll be plenty sweaty by the end of each hour.
  • Running shoes are required, not cross-trainers or walking shoes
  • Avoid perfumes
  • Have FUN!!
  • Raquel’s Cell Phone Number is (415) 464-7728

What do I need to bring to camp each day?

Unless otherwise instructed,

  • Please bring your exercise mat (a thick mat, not a yoga mat. This can be purchased at Big 5 Sporting Goods)
  • Weights (5-8Lbs)
  • Running shoes every day.
  • You may also bring a towel
  • It is recommended you bring a water bottle.

In Good Health,
Raquel Barrios
Empowering women through health, fitness, and adventure!