Thank you so much for doing what you are doing! My favorite parts so far are your expert eyes watching over my posture and making sure I’m making the right oves, as it feels like getting one on one training…

I love being pushed to my maximum capacity to the degree where I haven’t been before. Third is the diversity of what you have us do with our body in 60 minutes, but also the places you have us meet. I look forward to next time!

-Z, San Rafael

I actually went into the boot camp, not knowing what to expect… I was a tad insecure about working out at this level with an experienced coach… Boy, was I surprised! Exceeded any thoughts i had! My experience working with Raquel has been Nothing short of AMAZING! I was inspired by Raquel to actually pursue my personal dream of becoming a personal trainer; I DID it…

The changes I’ve experienced with Raquel have been life enforcing, physically enhancing, and mentally/spiritually supportive! Who could ask for more from a personal trainer?????

The biggest change I’ve recognized, since working with Raquel, is my physical and mental stability. What surprised me most… was that I fricken ROCKED it, and I LOVED every single minute of the 60 minute workout! And that a coach could inspire and support me and every other individual in this setting… AMAZING!

What I learned about myself since joining MABC almost 5 years ago…too much to put into print. It has been a physical, spiritual and extremely meaningful experience to support and supplement my life in general. I’d like to say thank you. An all encompassing THANK YOU!

Rebecca L., Greenbrae

As I pack for our upcoming tropical bathing suit weather trip, I am amazed at the progress I have made after only two 4-week sessions of your amazing adventure boot camp! You have been so inspirational and motivating both in fitness and nutrition for me and the results speak for themselves. I was wearing size 10-12 pants just two months ago and hiding behind Spanx in every outfit. Now, I have lost 20 pounds, countless inches, and am able to fit into my size 6-8 pants!!! Most importantly, I feel so much stronger and have tons more energy. I had never met my core before, couldn’t do a proper squat, and couldn’t run a mile. I have had serious back problems in the past and was told to “strengthen my core”. You have been so mindful of any pains or tweaks with my back, knees, or wrists and always adjust the activity accordingly to keep me safe. As I approach my 55th birthday, I know I am in the right mindset to continue on this path with you and Marin Adventure Boot Camp.

Carol Greenspan

If you’re looking for a program that is going to deliver results then you need to sign up for this bootcamp. Since having a baby in late 2007 I haven’t been very active so I really needed something that was going to kick my butt and this was definitely it! The class focuses on cardio, developing strength, endurance and much more. I attended the 3 day a week program and in 4 weeks lost 11% of my body fat. But I have to say that while I was doing this program I also cut out all junk food so it was definitely a combination of working out and eating healthy. I’m signing up again for the next session!

Lisa Jones, San Rafael

I can not say enough good things about my experience with Marin Adventure Boot Camp for women and the trainer/coach Raquel Barrios. Working outside is a great way to start your day. The group of 10- 15 women in the class are very encouraging and supportive. Everyone works at their own pace so you stay challenged and no one is left behind.

Not only am I about to sign up for my fourth session but I have lost over 25 lbs and several inches. Most importantly, I feel stronger and have more endurance and energy to get me through my every day life. I have been going to the 5 day a week program but she also offers 3 and 4 day a week packages. There are also 3 different sessions during the day, so you can sign up for one and go to others if your schedule changes.

The workout itself varies every single day. Some days are mostly strength and some are mostly cardio, but every day is a mix of both. She has different tools and routes and circuits every single day. you never get bored! Every day includes core training and stretching.

We also do an assessment the first and last week of boot camp that illustrates how much stronger and faster we have gotten.

When I first started I could barely complete a push up and it took me almost 18 minutes to complete a mile, now I am under 15 and working towards a 10 minute mile!

Nina Gray, larkspur

I was completely bored with exercising. I have exercised my whole life and needed a change. It’s great to be excited about my workout program again. I’m beginning by 3rd camp soon!

Pat Beckman, age 68

I am now on my 3rd session with Adventure Boot Camp and I love it. I’m fairly fit but was looking to get over my plateau. Wasn’t sure what to expect but it has been incredibly rewarding and I feel in the best shape of my life and I’m well over my plateau. Raquel (aka ‘Rocky’) really mixes things up to keep things interesting and works your butt off – litrerally! Everyone laughs and has a good time even when we’re struggling with those last push-ups! The great thing is that it is women of all shapes and sizes and fitness level and we all work at our own pace. If getting up early is tough for you, just think of getting your workout over with early AND feeling more energetic for the rest of your day – I certainly do.

Michelle E., Novato

….But can tell you this, my body is rockin’! I got great results this time through and “the muffin” is literally gone! I know the loss was pure fat and I also know I gained muscle. Yeepee! And my girlfriends keep praising my guns. Which I didn’t even know I’d acquired due to my “muffin” focus :-). Score!

I feel really, really strong. I’ve also noticed a huge difference in my ability to balance, those walking lunges are a cinch comparatively to when I started. My thighs and calves now have definition, and my core is strong. And I know I’m only one or two sessions away from a 6 pack! I am soooo enjoying my sleek new frame thanks to you!

Jessica Testa, 40

You are truly inspirational and I feel blessed to have found your program. Not just any program but YOUR program! It came at a time in my life where I haven’t felt well (at all) physically and emotionally. Your class makes me feel optimistic that I will get healthy and feel great again!

Your class, your instructing style and the motivated ladies of the class have INSPIRED me in so many ways. I am so much stronger, feel so much better both physically and emotionally and last but not least … I’ve shed 12-13lbs of the 25lbs I gained! I am starting to wear many of my old clothes again. THANK YOU just doesn’t seem to express how I feel!

Angelique Danzi, Corte Madera

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