2017 Calendar

The theme this year is Love your Body! Take care of your body through good nutrition, fun & challenging Boot Camp workouts, and embracing what you’ve got. You only live once and you deserve to THRIVE! Make 2017 your best year yet!

Times and Locations

5:30 AM Neil Cummins – Women Only

6:30 AM Neil Cummins (Monday, Wednesday, Friday Only)- COED

9 AM Town Park- Women Only

2017 Calendar

January 9-February 3

February 13-March 10

March 20-April 14

April 24-May 19

May 30-June 23

July 5-July 28

July 31- August 4 (bonus week)

August 7-September 1

September 11-October 6

October 16 -November 10

November 13-November 17 (bonus week)

November 27-December 22